Andres Sebastian
"Creating Stories and Building Ecosystems Across Cultures"

Andres Sebastian is a Creative Director & Producer based in New Mexico and New York. After spending 10 years in New York City, he is now concentrating most of his creative work in New Mexico. He has an understanding of current culture and emerging trends to create strategies that allows him to produce unique and strategic content for brand stories. Has established a reputation not only as a creative mind with a keen eye for design but also focused on leadership development. Spent a majority of his time working in nonprofits, fashion, film, and startups from New York City, Dallas, New Mexico and Barcelona. These projects range from bootstrapped companies to multimillion invested startups. Currently advising on a VR Sports Game, animation, and founded a creative startup here in New Mexico.

Creative projects include producing shows for New York fashion week for 5 years and Paris fashion week. Producing music videos for foreign and Indie music artists that have received over 30 million views. Advising and consulting to launch one of the first pink chocolate confectionery companies that was sold in Bergdorf Goodman and Neman Marcus. Was part of the team that advised and built original content for the sports media company PlayersTV in their successful seed funding and initial launch. These stories included political narratives, food, and tech. Consulted and created assets to help launch a grocery delivery tech startup company with over 50 million invested.

Political related experience includes In 2018 worked on a campaign with PlayersTV and the Biden/Harris campaign to educate communities on the importance of voting. Interviewed pro Athletes and politicians to build campaign assets from Historical Black Colleges. In 2022 traveled to Ukraine to advise, strategize, fundraise, and build content for a non profit run by Mykola Kuleba, ex-Presidential Commissioner for Children's Rights. to In 2023 worked with Obama's team to create content and shoot an interview of him and a political comedian to start reaching GenZ.

Key areas of specialties include:

Ideation, Marketing, Strategies, Entrepreneurship, Storytelling, Branding, Public Speaking, Creative Direction, Film & Event Production, and Photography.

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